Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas From All At Spring Rock

Everyone at Spring Rock would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas.
Billy sends big drooly kisses to you all.

Lancelot and Tristan have taken time out from fighting one another to say. "Have a purry day."

Guinevere just sends a disdainful glare but you know deep down inside she's saying happy Christmas (well, maybe not but we can always pretend).

Chacha and Chockcha the axolotyls are blowing festive bubbles your way.

Hedwig the galah and Nova Perris, the retired racing pigeon, wish you a very happy day with lots of treats (and speaking of treats, where are our's?!)

The Kelpies, Dione and Juno, took time out from running around the farm to pant, "Have a tail wagging Christmas and are we getting out marrow bones yet?"

Feather Duster the rooster, Pepper the Chinese Silky and the rest of the girls say, "Happy Christmas and may all the eggs you lay be small ones."

Farrer the White Suffolk ram says, "Happy Christmas and can you come a little closer and give my head a scratch please?"

The ferrets:
Miette and Horton say, "Yawn .... have a happy day."
Ebony would wish you a happy Christmas but she's still asleep.
Jocie is taking time out from her frenetic schedule of harrassing the other ferrets to play with her, to say, "puff, puff, puff, Yeah, happy Christmas. Now where is that Miette hiding?"

And the newest additions to Spring Rock, Byron (the albino baby ferret) and Cecilia (the sable baby ferret) say, "Wow! This is exciting! Our first Christmas!!!! What? Oh yes. Have a happy, bouncy Christmas everyone."

Cecilia and Byron. They belong to Savannah and Justin and are visiting here until Savannah and Justin can find a place of their own.

And from both us humans - have a wonderful Christmas. I hope it is filled with love, family and lots and lots of presents.