Sunday, February 07, 2010

Spring Rock

I was showing a dear friend some photos of Spring Rock yesterday and thought the rest of you might like to see where all the animal happenings take place.

The view from our ram paddock.  

All these photos were taken before the drought.  Spring Rock still looks a bit like this in early spring but the crops aren't looking quite as lush or the grass so tall and thick these days.  Hopefully the drought will break soon and Spring Rock will be returned to all its glory.

The old sharefarmer's cottage.  The middle bit was an extension built between the kitchen and living area (kitchen is on the left).  A fierce wind knocked the extension down the day before this photo was taken.  We've cleared away the rubble now.

The same paddock in summer and in spring.  Even when not in drought, summers are brown and without rain here.

Sunset on Christmas Day 2008.    

Our house front gate (the real front gate is 2 km south of here).  The beautiful lemon scented gum died two years ago, a victim of the drought.  It broke my heart to lose such a beautiful tree.

You should all recognise this one.  This is our windmill paddock with the canola in full bloom and a storm approaching.  Oh they were the days!

The sale rams enjoying  being let onto the feed wheat.  
This is a dual purpose wheat.  After the rams have eaten it down they were removed to another paddock and the wheat left to regrow and the grains develop.  We then harvested the wheat in summer

So now you can all see how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  I count living here as one of the true blessings in my life.


Jenny said...

Hi Rosemary

Thanks for sharing the photos of your home and farm, and the ram lambs! Even here in greener NZ we seem to be having problems. I read in the paper that a drought in Northland has resulted in the ground being too hard and dry for young kiwi chicks to dig their beaks into the ground to feed. They have been dying of dehydration and starvation

ozjane said...

Lovely.....oh we pray for rain for our great southland.
My heart aches for you with that tree, I grieve over my losses. But God is good and He can open the heavens for us.......we just have to accept that His timing is sovereign.
My lawns are half long and green and half dry and patchy. We had two days of minor to good rain last week.

オテモヤン said...