Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update On Athena

 Athena loves her new home.  She's settled in and established two treasure troves in the yard.  These are where she keeps things that are good to chew, like old ice cream containers, chew toys I've bought her and  and is where we go first to find out missing shoes.  One treasure trove includes and entire pelvis of one of our long dead sheep so it's clear Athena has big ambitions for her treasure troves.

I've tried to keep them a secret but Athena discovered one of our dams on Saturday. 


Of course once you've had a good swim in the muddy dam water the
thing to do is roll in the dirt to seal the water in.
Such a happy face.


Debra Anger said...

hello, I just love these updates on Athena. I remember days with my own girl, yes you are right a good roll in the dusty dirt really seals the deal.
She is glowing!! LOL

marianne r said...

A good roll in cow or sheep dung even better!!

Rosemary said...

Shh Marianne!!!! We have plenty of sheep manure around here and she hasn't discovered the joys of that yet. I'm hoping to keep that secret a bit longer.