Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Athena

Last Thursday Athena turned one year old.  I made a big fuss of her, gave her a couple of extra Smackos (Athena and Demeter are seriously addicted to chicken Smackos) while singing Happy Birthday to her.  I know I'm no singer but Athena actually stopped eating to look at me.  She cocked her head to one side, lifted her ears and gave me a look that asked what I thought I was doing.  I offered another piece of Smackos as I finished the song and Athena decided her priority was scarfing down the treat no the dreadful noise I was making while feeding it to her.

Today is set aside for bath day.  Actually each day this week has been set aside as bath day and I've chickened out.  Athena has been swimming a number of times a day every day for a while now and her coat is looking less than pristine.  She upped the anti yesterday by rolling in something dreadful.  She took Demeter along with her, but Demeter seems to have only paddled around the edges (most likely with Athena rolling in it there wasn't enough room for her too), so Demeter is also scheduled for a bath. 

No photos I'm sorry.  I can't get the photo part of Blogger to work at the moment.  The page just won't load.


Lindi said...

Happy Birthday, Athena! :)

Threeundertwo said...

Aww, happy birthday! I upload pictures to photobucket, then use the link to upload to my blog. Seems more reliable than uploading straight to blogger.

Ozjane said...

Oh dear I hope you can load the photo later..
My data drive has gone west so I lack photos also.