Thursday, November 14, 2013

Introducing Cleopatra

 Cleo was born one week ago today.  Here is a photo of her having breakfast with her siblings.  As you can see Mum has her paws full with this lot.  In case you can't identify each little body there are ten pups tucking in there.

Any why am I singling out just one of the ten gorgeous little blobs?  Cleo is mine!  I've put the deposit on her and will pick her up as soon as she is old enough or as soon as harvest is over - sometime around Christmas hopefully.

Cleo's first close up - aged four days old - with a sibling offering advice - "Make sure the camera gets your best angle."

A morning of drinking breakfast followed by a photo shoot is just exhausting.  Especially when your eyes aren't even open yet!!!

1 comment:

Threeundertwo said...

How exciting! She has a bit of growing to do, and frankly that first photo made me feel exhausted for the poor mom.

Can't wait to see her when you bring her home.