Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Aslan

 Aslan and one of his brothers.

 Aslan, or to use is full pedigree name Aslan's Gift if the beautiful boy on the right.   He's only about four weeks old in the photo and it's the only one I have of him face on, but I think he's gorgeous.  In case you haven't guessed Aslan is now my dog.  I'm just waiting for him to reach eight weeks of age and then his breeder will bring him down from Queensland and meet us in Goulburn and Aslan will come home with us.  This will all happen in a week or two,

I've told Cleo all about him but at the moment she remains unimpressed.  She just wants me to play with her squeaky toy with her.  I hope she is more impressed when she meets the little scrap of fluff - although I don't suppose he'll be a little scrap for very long.

I had some trouble obtaining a pup this time.  Trying to buy a good quality male dog from well known studs proved a lesson in humility.  So many of them were very reluctant to sell to me because I have no dog show history.  They weren't willing to take the chance that I might bring their stud's reputation down.  The stud from which I bought Aslan has a great reputation, breeds top quality St Bernards,  temperament tests each pup before sale and offers life long support to purchasers.  The lady I spoke to was supportive, offered lots of useful advice and suggested I should get into showing if I'm going to be breeding.  I feel confident I've bought from the right people.

Not only that but Aslan's Gift's father is named Aslan's Pride (hence Aslan's Gift's name).  I am a big fan of the Narnia series and told Graeme I had to have a pup by this father (not a very professional way to choose a pup I know).  I had been toying with names from Egyptian mythology for Cleopatra's mate, but when the breeder gave me the opportunity to name the pup I immediately chose Aslan as his name.  Aslan's dad is a beautiful, big boy with the best puppy dog eyes you've ever seen.  I hate to say it but he reminds me so much of Billy. 
Aslan's Dad.

I'm sure to tell you a lot more about him when I pick him up in a week or so.  There are sure to be lots of photos, both of Cleo and Aslan.  Before I go, here is one last photo of Aslan.  He's enjoying dinner with his seven siblings and I'm not entirely sure which one he is but I think he might be the pup in the middle with the almost completely brown back.


Banaghaisge said...

Aaawww, he is beautiful!!!

Ozjane said...

Super exciting times ahead
Movie says...two of those big puppies!!