Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Cleopatra Progress Report

I thought you might like to see how Cleo is doing.  She's growing like a weed.  Each week we take a photo of her next to her feed bowl so we can see how much she's grown.  It's hard to believe we've only had her four weeks.  She's growing at an incredible rate.  I think I've mentioned that Cleo is my third St Bernard, but my first pup.  Billy and Athena were full grown when I got them so watching Cleo shoot up almost daily is amazing.

Cleo has settled in happily and is trying her best to make friends with the menagerie.  So far she has only won over the ferrets.  The cats all refuse to be polite and despite Cleo lying down near them and wagging her tail furiously all she gets for her trouble is a hiss and sometimes a scratched nose.  This hasn't put Cleo off though. She has hopes of living in peace and friendship with the cats.  

The galahs are another matter.  They are very scary when they raise their wings and screech at her so she gives them a wide berth.  The chooks are OK, but a pecked nose is no fun either so Cleo is content to sit outside the chook pen while I collect the eggs and watch the chooks from the safety of the other side of the wire.  Sheep we just won't talk about.  They are altogether just too big and too scary.   Cleo has met Teddy once and they touched noses in a polite way, but as Teddy insists on living out the back of the property and only coming near the house for a drink from the dam, Teddy and Cleo don't get much socialising time together.

The other great conquest is Graeme.  Cleo has him wrapped around one furry little paw.  Every morning as soon as Graeme gets up Cleo meets him at the back door with her witch.  This is a little dog toy that was left over from Halloween (you can see her in the third photo below) and I bought on sale.  The witch has a squeaker inside and Cleo and Graeme have a daily tussle in the back yard to see who can take possession of the witch and make her squeak.  Cleo usually wins.  

So all in all Cleo has quickly become part of the family and it feels like she's been here forever rather than just four weeks.  Stay tuned for further Cleo up dates.